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Diamonds capture a man\'s heart is skillfully take worn out straight men like

When women around all revel in the elegance of jewelry when do men really can turn down jewelry charm? turns out that diamond jewelry is quietly capture a man's heart! men's desire for "shine".Alt Diamonds capture a man's heart is skillfully take worn out straight men likeRichest man and the Patiala necklace From one perspective, the jewels symbolize wealth. As early as the 16th century or even earlier, when countries men started to wear jewelry or expensive devices to show their power and rich, such as wearing a hat with a jewelry and gem weapon, equipped with cutlery of rare material, and even jewellery such as saddles, whips, barbed Ma Zhen.In the 1820 of the 19th century, an India native state Sir Bhupindar Singh travels in Europe on the way, in order to show off their wealth, with a box full of jewelry found Cartier company customize a star-studded mega necklaces and jewellery on a necklace. In 1928, this necklace was completed, have mounted a total of 2930 962.25 carats diamonds total 5-encrusted Platinum chains, chains of gorgeous and full of artistic design. Set in the middle of 7 bright giant drills, weight ranged from 18-carat to 73-carat. Diamond pendants set is a giant yellow diamond weighing 234.69 carats, it is now the world's seventh largest diamond. In addition, the necklace set has a 18-carat light brown diamonds total weight of 29.58-Carat Ruby and two, so that the whole necklace is more eye-catching.Someone says dreams of having Patiala is a woman in the world, but it and Bhupindar chest lining. This comes from the mysterious East India Princely State not only has the envy of the world's wealth, and even more impressive is his love for jewelry obsession and unique taste.Alt Diamonds capture a man's heart is skillfully take worn out straight men likePoliticians Diamond watches and rings Men's jewelry is not needed as much as women to confusing, but there are always one or two properly appear at different stages of man's life, established to govern the world determined and persistent and keep their hearts calm pure, highlight them and the birth of the King of the wind.Straight men you can also take the diamond Modern man's diamond consumption, more rational. Investigations revealed that men think that buying a diamond of more than 60% value, relative to the ordinary consumer goods, buying diamonds is more of an investment, while wearing diamond is "a concrete expression of personal taste and style."Modern successful men pay more attention to the ornaments worn on various occasions. Diamond rings can bring some serious riding store your; diamond clip can give you at the negotiating table to bring smart; diamond cuffs can stand on the platform you added elegance; and diamond bracelets can give to a friend party you show chic. No matter what occasion you are wearing that diamond jewellery, diamond will never let you down, it will never be done on your show.Compared with the ladies diamond jewellery design, men's diamond jewelry design less fancy, more by grinding sand and glossy contrast effects, to highlight the diamonds shining light. Level design style, giving the fashion sense, even simple lines, have been welcomed by men. Accessories category, mainly in the ring, there is tie clips and bracelet styles. There are many man to buy a single grain of diamond, set into a single earring worn.Alt Diamonds capture a man's heart is skillfully take worn out straight men likeMen wear ring how to wear straight man style Rarely heard of men's diamond rings, but that doesn't mean no, ladies wear a diamond ring is not only a fashionable decoration trend, it is an emotional expression of love with him. Men, too, the trend of men wearing diamond jewelry. Man platinum diamond ring how to wear Fan Lai?No longer choose traditional gold, but PlatinumGold wedding ring seem to quietly retire, become obsolete, and now people need to have their own style of a wedding ring. But we no longer choose traditional gold ring setting in Platinum. Platinum ring setting generally does not need to be polished, or will affect the appearance. However in selecting a ring setting in Platinum Rings must be wary, pay attention to the authenticity and purity. Buy back should also pay attention to day-to-day after collision, otherwise it will lose the ring form.Alt Diamonds capture a man's heart is skillfully take worn out straight men likeActor Lonny Bereal taishou show ringChoose the best ergonomic design ringAs long as it is a ergonomically designed diamond ring will be more comfortable to wear, because designers use our internal ergonomics ring bending moderate, more in line with the curvature of the fingers. Confusion between the ring mm each have subtle differences, can well support ring finger pressure, and can protect the ring not scratches.Alt Diamonds capture a man's heart is skillfully take worn out straight men likeDiamond consumption concept of the modern man tends to rationalDiamond wedding rings men who preferredMen's diamond rings are very common, diamonds for men's wedding rings to choose up, men tend to love diamonds fashion radiates charm, qualities, but also need to be paired with the bride's ring, both Roma and Chanel style of diamond and square ring was well received by men.Polished diamond ring design more introverted glossBeginning married young couple more favorite diamond rings in Platinum, is because platinum diamond ring has its own unique quality and beauty, expert advice select reserved luster of polished designs men's diamond ring is the latest popular, but this design requires careful maintenance, minor trauma will also ring damage.Alt Diamonds capture a man's heart is skillfully take worn out straight men likeTong Dawei wearing Van Cleef yabao pods diamonds in jewelry broochMore and more men found that men's brooches are an indispensable accessory, whether it's blinking skull shape or color stone brooch, just take care coupled with simple clothes, enough to be memorable. Brooches are small, but if worn in place, you can increase the sense of fashion. PIN is no longer patent of a woman, men's brooches also owns the majority of the market. Will ask you men's brooches worn below pay attention.Alt Diamonds capture a man's heart is skillfully take worn out straight men likeHippocampus of Lichen to wear Tiffany diamond broochThe suit with matching brooch is exquisite. Men's brooch to wear has always been strict, wearing clothes led brooch to wear on the left; wearing the clothes do not lead, is worn on the right haircut left when worn on the right, while on the left and men's brooches and location should be in the first and second button between the parallel position. Travel first aid after Sun good wild is differentMost traditional method of deduction is a deduction in the coat lapel pin, but this season, flower brooches can be worn anywhere, in your coat pocket or jeans pocket buckle brooches on refreshingly. Of course, when you dress up, you can choose larger men's brooches, better materials, pure color.Alt Diamonds capture a man's heart is skillfully take worn out straight men likeSkeleton style men's broochesWhen wearing thin shirts or sweaters can wear fashionable and chic, small and exquisite brooch. With the return of Orthodox dress trend, highlighting the neck some decorative excess, because in the popular rule, when neckline design very fashion, Medallion will be a drag. But if the corner of the men's brooches pinned to his lapel, elegant blouse from basic promotion to have fashion style. Coupled with our tips for wearing jewelry has become more progressive, when brooches worn on the side of the neck or shoulders, and become the men most attractive ornament.Dior Chief Designer John Galliano wore Cartier diamond Cheetah series selected Mr diamond, Onyx Platinum earringsWe often find, many men's fashion stars in attendance at public functions will choose between in-ear wearing a glistening bright diamond earrings, and the dark color of the men's match, look very stylish and elegant. Determination of the strong diamonds and dazzling radiant diamond exactly coincident with the male beauty of the Sun, while Platinum hard texture, handsome appearance with men complement each other. Wearing a diamond stud earrings for men's ears, an unusual mix, but will show the men calm, wise fashion Diva.Next to the actor Aditya-mercuryHow to choose men's diamond stud earrings?From the above described can be traced, selection of men's style the most important principle of diamond stud earrings is exquisite and simple, because men were usually shown is the free and easy cool temperament, if Stud shape is too complex, even with delicate inlays and openwork design, will bring delays, not neat feeling. Too delicate and dazzling style does not conform to man's rugged character. Choose four claw set diamond set single or package style, no extra pattern design, a clean, masculine beauty of nature, and simple mix of styles with a variety of costumes.Men's diamond earringsMen's Diamond Stud Earrings best suited for what types of clothing with them? Actually, simple of diamond ear nail style always can and various clothing for hundred take, like men if wearing very handsome of cortex jacket, match a gold bright of diamond ear nail words, bright light care in jacket Shang sparkling shiny, men June lang free and easy of feel natural ready; and men of leisure suit and diamond ear nail is very fit of match, can foil out men elegant wise, and fashion funny of temperament.Tom Hanks's style in the film wore diamond cufflinksCuff links is the earliest Western high society men of romantic accessories, new and old gentleman of taste has grown into a global label. In China, the same taste of the elite men's favorite. Cufflinks refined, elegant and subtle, from the practical point of view it is optional, but as a form, it is a sign of beauty, can be said to be an act of faith. The right mix, it can enhance the taste, the role of personality. If you claim has good taste, then the cuff must not be missing on your body.During a speech by President Clinton to wear elaborate cuffsPresident Clinton's speech, other than his impassioned address, you may notice the cufflinks? The proof of these successful people, in my opinion, to make their men mature elegant, beautifully designed pair of cufflinks jewelry essential strategy!Match cuff links are most commonly used with double stacked against French shirt sleeves, but the world's most loved cufflinks are not France men, but Italy men's. This is because Italy men's universal love fashion, they will spend more than 10,000 yuan for a silk blouse, more important cause is rooted in the sense of family in their soul – they are often engraved cufflinks family clan symbol, or the family's initials. For them, Cufflinks are a sign of family identity. In the United Kingdom, with noble's men will also wear cuff links, but the overall look to be conservative: they will be wearing a cotton shirt and matching cufflinks. Travel first aid after Sun good wild is differentHarry Winston diamonds mother of Pearl diamond cuff linksOn the international market, diamond cufflinks and antique cuff links are a very important collection and auction category. Not only as a collection and appreciation by, and often worn in various social situations – history, culture and luxury wear on my sleeve, is indeed a very face son thing.Cartier diamond cufflinksHow do you choose for your cuff links1. metal cufflinks in the shape of material, simple geometry, calm, strong match, but relatively good location, suitable for quiet, introverted man. Of course, if you are a novice, afraid to miss, this cuff is a safe choice.2. physical big man, you should try to avoid Cabinet modelling of fine cufflinks, slightly larger contour shape is more atmospheric. Instead, with his little man, when you select the cuff in fine shape for good.3. the mosaic of colored gemstones, pierced engraved cufflinks, more suitable for outgoing, lively, unassuming man. Strange shapes, strange cufflinks are not standing man of choice, more suitable for the unorthodox sportsman.4. If you have delicate skin, then polished fine, fine handmade cuff is your first choice, on the contrary, if you have rough, dull skin, slightly rough cufflinks highlight your manly.Diamond brooch cufflinks men's Jewelry Diamond man ring design