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CEO 3 Cabinet \"table\"

Watch is a business that requires fine through, whether it's sports or a dress, or just a leisure resort in the match, after their clever design, you can always find one to suit your "table". This time we had an interview with a well-known luxury CEO Jerome, let him talk about successful men to choose their own watches.Alt CEO 3 Cabinet "table"Jerome LambertJerome Lambert think sports watch is the wild style, whether matching dress or casual look with ease.This is the type of table you choose to wear? Why?Jerome Lambert today I am wearing a sports watch. You may be wondering why the whole body suit, but why a sports watch. Actually in my opinion chronograph is a perfect classic timepiece with any style, whether it is sporty and dress occasions, travel or leisure, it is not subject to any style limitations, if you hold bad mix of other tables and clothes on the day, I suggest you put on his sport, it never goes wrong.If selecting one special for business elite for being assembled set watch, which one do you recommend?Jerome Lambert I think there are a lot of suitable for the watch worn on formal occasions, if you want to color, then you can select fashion dress watch, unlike other special professional watches for treasure in the House, but appearance and technically brilliant style. Inadvertently flashed, then won the course topics. But the current professional watches, appearance design becomes more and more color, and also accounted for a significant technical advantage, so it is taking into account personal preferences. If you pay attention to watch overall clothing combinations can choose fashion watches, if you pay attention to what's technical content and features select professional watch brand.What do you think is the most suitable for leisure or business trip to wear watches?Jerome Lambert in leisure time is, of course, sports or watch an outdoor class most suitable, easy design and its powerful outdoor and additional features of the campaign is you outdoors and sports and leisure-time best friends. And sports watches rubber is often used a similar hi-tech materials also makes you feel more comfortable in sports and leisure. Business travel is more powerful needs to watch on, similar to two or more show time, time zone adjustment, travel features such as code table is particularly important, in order to provide countries and across time zones between the countries business travelers bring more convenient service, and simple appearance is relatively easy for professionals to accept a design focus.Alt CEO 3 Cabinet "table"LeCoultre (Jaeger LeCoultre) AMVOX2 Chronograph Concept chronographSport FrankJerome said: "good sport will not only wear in sports, and classic to paired with any dress can be. ”  LeCoultre (Jaeger LeCoultre)AMVOX2 Chronograph ConceptChronograph watchesLeCoultre perfect cooperation with Aston Martin, ideal for enjoying the speed has shocked the fashion elite. This meter was revolutionary not timing operation, shell has completed all the time to stop by the table to zero, and so on. LeCoultre by Aston Martin and chronograph design brought by this new concept, this table from the available on attention.Alt CEO 3 Cabinet "table"Omega "Beijing Olympics" constellation double eagle co-axial limited chronographOmega "Beijing Olympics"Constellation double eagle co-axial limited chronographAt a distance of 88 days of the Olympic Games, Omega introduced a new "Olympic series"-the constellation double eagle (Double Eagle) coaxial limited edition Chronograph, it continues the "Olympic series" design concept: the Olympic five-ring logo above the Central second end, spiraling the upper surface engraved with the Beijing Olympic Games emblem "Chinese seal" logo.Alt CEO 3 Cabinet "table"Tudor (Tudor) ICONAUTTudor (Tudor) ICONAUTTudor movement this year in a series of new models, designed for "old" design and excellence, the pursuit of fashion who tailor. Gigantic case of 43 mm, water resistant to a depth of 150 m, ensure that the watches sound and reliable operation and automatic winding mechanical movement ensures that the watch is accurate. It can also measure speed or available from the 24-hour pointer and scale the outer ring at the same time read the time in two different time zones.Alt CEO 3 Cabinet "table"MONTBLANC (Montblanc) tantalum metal sports self-winding chronograph  MONTBLANC (Montblanc) sportsTantalum self-winding chronographIs only the first glance, you can tell this watch style of professional sports when: it's design and appearance can withstand the toughest environmental challenges, is the most trusted professional divers wrist timepieces. This chronograph performance excellence: Rotary surface combined with automatic helium valve, water-resistant to 300 m automatic winding movement was Switzerland official Observatory (C.O.S.C.) certification.Alt CEO 3 Cabinet "table"Tissot (Tissot) T-touch wrist watchTissot (Tissot) T-touch wrist watchAgain commend this watch really description it is a stand the test of a good watch, for so many years, Tissot T-touch Watch Red became their flagship product, mention of Tissot, flashed out the contours of T-touch is in my mind. Sport Watch, touch-screen … … These are the search words. Swatch bright classic watches continue fashionAlt CEO 3 Cabinet "table"Rolex (Rolex) Watch Day-Date IIDress styleJerome said: "for the watch worn on formal occasions, would have several elements: elegant, simple lines, but memorable. ”Rolex (Rolex) Watch Day-Date IIAs early as 1956 debut Sunday calendar watches is a breakthrough innovation, it is the first show full week spell can only watch. After the introduction of the watch, and immediately caused strong reactions in the world, by policy makers and influential people favor. This year, into the Rolex watchmaking strives for perfection, designed for elegant and innovative men's carefully built Sunday calendar type II watch opened a new chapter in history. It had before it a series of modern or traditional style surface, King size head of strap with Crown buckle, not only with what's valued complement each other, but also increases wearing comfort.Alt CEO 3 Cabinet "table"IWC Nations express West watchesIWC IWCDa Vinci watchesSeveral product lines of virtually any arm of the IWC Watches work is suitable for dress occasions, they are usually clean lines, dial design with both balance and design aesthetic.Alt CEO 3 Cabinet "table"Radar (Rado) Ceramic Chronograph JubileRadar (Rado) CeramicChronograph JubileColorful dial designs appear on the radar of the classic "ceramics" time series, attracting a batch after batch of upstart fashion in the workplace. Gems and exceptionally brilliant color in traditional radar Black Watch.Earl (Piaget) Emperador watchesEarl (Piaget)Emperador watchesThere's no need to repeat, the count is always elegant timepiece maker, not just say it's ultra thin movement of the production process, or jewel-inlaid excellent technique, or it's only voice of Maggie Cheung's temperament. Whenever you see a count of each table, you can deeply appreciate both elegant and rigorous of temperament. The Emperador watch is one example. Swatch bright classic watches continue fashionFranck Muller MASTER SQUARE Arabic seriesFranck Muller MASTERSQUARE Arabic seriesFranck Muller said this meter suitable for formal occasions due to its classic simple geometric lines. Like Franck Muller Watches known famous design, MASTER SQUARE series inspired by the art deco period (Art d e co), amazing admiration.Longines (Longines) 4 worst offense jump master-flagshipTravel featuresJerome said: "for every working man, holidays and travel, may not only mean vacation and travel. So with time display watch is very popular. ”Longines (Longines)4 worst offense jump master-flagshipThis watch is powered by a special developed for Longines ETA and only for use in Longines self-winding movement. Don't underestimate design simple and clear watch surface, its day, date, seconds and 24-hour display a second time zone four retrograde function table cover using transparent Sapphire Crystal, clear capture Flash movement.Zhi Bai (Girard-Perregaux) world time zone watchZhi Bai (Girard-Perregaux)World time zone watchChihpo world time zone watch "world time zones" and "table" functions combined in one time zone menu is rich in content, more time on the road of business professionals provide the most effective help. It continued the GP's iconic dual Crown design, even the right of the Crown to adjust the Central pointer show ring day and night, and representative of the Crown on the left you can adjust all city dials for the time zone of the world.Citizen (CITIZEN) super Skyhawk eco-drive radio tableCitizen (CITIZEN)Super Skyhawk eco-drive radio tableSuper Skyhawk citizen eco-drive radio table can receive radio signals, with world time function. When you are traveling across time zones, after the name of the city where the wearer in selection, the watch automatically receives local standard time signals (United States, Europe, China and Japan), adjusted to the local time.Tissot (Tissot) plastic arts series rose gold watch  Tissot (Tissot)Plastic arts series rose gold watchThis is the Tissot brings an elegant, beautiful treasures. New art-plastic series will not only 18K on the making of rose gold case, gold scale on the dial and hands are also using such kind of materials, low-key luxury on a black dial on them. 3 position has a calendar window, in each number outside the Windows are decorated with a gold border, it uses neutral design, whether man or woman, can be easily moved for it.Franck Muller Master Banker watchesFranck Muller Master Banker watchesToday's financial elites busy trip to keep an eye on New York, Tokyo or Frankfurt stock market news. Franck Muller knows that often travel outside of modern business needs, as early as 1996 has launched the Master Banker series meet the requirements of modern people, it is dominated by practical function, through the single Crown controls three time zone time display, so that the wearer can read the time in different time zones of the world in real time. This extremely easy to read time display mode, with the simple design, favored by business travelers welcomed. New heights in the technology this year, apart from three time zones can be displayed at once, a watch company's engineering staff designed some new parts when adjusting the time zone at the time, the second and third time zone minute hand half an hour to adjust the monitor..svbxs dl{margin:12px;min-height:336px}Watch design sports series for traveling code dress chronograph